Extech Cloud helps create a modern workplace for Chartered Accountants

Before Extech Cloud started working with Richard Place Dobson in October 2019, RPD was at a point where it needed to upgrade its servers and infrastructure, and was looking to mitigate any hardware replacement costs.

With almost 50 staff members across the Crawley and East Grinstead offices, the company was also facing significant IT licencing costs and wanted to change. Extech Cloud had the perfect solution.

“We approached Extech Cloud to provide us with a modernised, more efficient IT system. Extech Cloud has designed a hosted desktop solution that works with all the range of software that we use, and is a lot faster and easier to use than our old system.

Throughout the project the people we have worked with have managed to complete a very complicated build, during a very stressful time (lockdown and working remotely presented its own challenges) and at all times communicated with a lot of people with little understanding of IT, in a way that we understood. In undertaking this project I anticipated a lot more problems but any problems that arose were dealt with by Extech Cloud and never became my problems. ”Karen Corduff, Director

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Extech Case Study – RPD v2