Electric Car Charger Installation – Do Your Best for the Planet in 2023!

In this modern world, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they help to cut down on dangerous emissions, but their quiet operation means that our towns and cities are becoming a little bit more peaceful! Electric car charger installation is ramping up across the world!

One of the main things that concern EV drivers, however, is having easy access to EV chargers whilst at work. Many drivers have a charging station set up to charge their electric car at home, or in public car parks, but their office has yet to provide an EV chargepoint on-site.

This is where Sussex Facilities Management can help!

The Process

If you are looking to harness the power of EV energy and make your office greener, our team are on hand to help you from start to finish with your electric car charger installation.

Firstly, we will work with your company to understand the type of EV chargepoint required to best serve your team, as different manufacturers can have varying styles. Our team can give advice about which would be most suitable for your business.

We will survey your site to find the best possible position for the charging points to be installed and then discuss with you to confirm everything before getting the go-ahead to begin the installation.

In some cases, we can connect the chargers to your existing electricity supply. However, if you require more of a specialist installation, with more capacity, we can handle this for you – there’s no need to worry!

Once installation is complete, we can walk you through the process of using the chargers to ensure that your team are getting the most out of them. For most vehicles, it’s easy to fully charge them during a day of work, so your team will always have enough energy to get to and from the office with no need to worry.

Why Go Electric?

Our world is rapidly moving towards a fully-electric car ecosystem. With no new petrol or diesel vehicles being produced from 2030, and hybrid vehicle sales stopping in 2035, there has never been a better time to get ahead of the curve and ensure that your business is set up for continued success into the future.

In the past, many people have been worried about the range of these vehicles, but modern technology means that “range anxiety” should be a thing of the past! As well as this, the cost of electric vehicles is falling each day, as they become more widely adopted.

Whilst public charging points are available in most major towns and cities now, having a specific charging point at your office or place of work will help to show your team and customers that you are serious about doing your bit to help the planet and reduce carbon emissions.

Electric Car Charger Installation – Sussex Facilities Management

Here at Sussex Facilities Management, we are always delighted to help out whenever possible, championing schemes like LoCASE which provide grants to business owners to invest in greener ways to grow their businesses rather than continuing to use fossil fuels.

We believe that electric vehicles are the way forward as we move into this greener future, and that’s why we are happy to offer our electric car charger installation service across Sussex and Surrey.

If you would like to learn more or to enquire about electric car charger installation for your business, please get in touch today on 01444 812171.