Debt Management Recovery, And Enforcement In A Post-Pandemic World

How to stay ahead of the game, by avoiding debts become bad in the first place, by effective debt management and how to take action to enforce your debts, when to take action and when writing off debts is the most effective solution.

Are you struggling with overdue invoices and having trouble obtaining payment from stubborn debtors? If so, this hybrid seminar / webinar may be beneficial for you. For those that attend the physical webinar event, it also provides an ideal opportunity to network with local business contacts and a free lunch will be provided.

The event is co-hosted between ourselves and Debt Recovery and enforcement specialist Michala Rutherford, the founder of Rutherford’s Bailiff and Collection Services to provide advice from the perspective of debt collection and management, options for legal action and enforcement of any judgments you might obtain.

The seminar / webinar  which is offered free of charge is aimed at small to all medium businesses and is scheduled to take place on at. It will last no longer than 40 minutes and afterwards there will be an opportunity to put any questions to our expert speakers’ experts in total plus any questions you may have generally or from points arising out of the seminar / webinar

The seminar / webinar will take place on Wednesday 8 September at 11am at the highly desirable Hotel du Vin in Ship Street, Brighton, which we welcome you to join for free.  It will last approximately 40 minutes and we will also discuss and answer all your questions that may be submitted both beforehand or posted on Zoom during the webinar.


  • If attending in person REGISTRATION and Welcome Coffee 11:00am at the Hotel Du Vin, Brighton
  • SEMINAR / WEBINAR STARTS 11:30am (Via Zoom if unable to attend in person)
  • SEMINAR / WEBINAR ENDS 12:15/12:30pm
  • LUNCH & NETWORKING STARTS 12:30 – 2:00pm

Topics covered will be:

  • How to manage debtors,
  • What options are available to ensure that you are able to charge interest
  • How to incentivize prompt payment by your debtors.
  • What debts are suitable to manage yourself
  • The Pros and cons of passing the debt on to a specialist debt collector versus managing the debt yourself.
  • What happens if the debt is disputed
  • What options are available where legal action is taken to recover your debt
  • Impact of the pandemic restrictions
  • Should you wait before enforcing debt
  • The options for enforcing a judgment if obtained
  • The impact of any insolvency issues

The seminar / webinar will both improve your understanding of debt management issues, have tips on how to ensure you get paid on time and also guide you through the options available for recovery of debts and explain the formal processes involved.

Hosted by our experienced dispute resolution solicitor Kent Reynolds who will be joined by our trainee solicitor Andreea Rusu and Michala Rutherford from Rutherford’s Bailiff and Collection Services.

You can join us either remotely through the following Zoom link or by attending the event at the Hotel Du Vin.

How to register:

To register to attend in person at the Hotel Du Vin please email Katie at to confirm your place.

To register to attend the seminar/webinar via Zoom please use the Zoom registration link here.