Dark Web Scan for HHBA members

The dark web, infamous for its criminal underbelly, serves as a thriving marketplace for cybercriminals peddling stolen data. In this perilous digital era, a business’s credentials or an individual’s personal details can swiftly land on the auction block, ready for the highest bidder. Recognizing this looming threat, the importance of dark web scanning for businesses is paramount.

Dark web scanning dives deep into the concealed layers of the dark web, diligently searching for any unauthorised business data that might have been traded.

We offer a comprehensive report on your business domain, detailing whether any emails have been compromised in data breaches. This confidential report is delivered in a secure PDF format. We provide a singular copy, allowing you to assess and determine the necessary next steps based on the findings. It will guide you and your team on potential corrective measures for any identified breaches. While the initial review is complimentary, should you desire further remediation advice or other services, that choice remains entirely with you.

For a deeper dive into the intricacies of the dark web and its potential threats, visit:

Understanding the Dark Web and its Threats https://abcom.co.uk/understanding-the-dark-web-and-its-threats/