Cyber Security

Cybersecurity has long been a topic hanging over business owners heads. Many businesses do not realise that it’s not just large enterprises that need to protect themselves. Small to medium-sized businesses are equally prime targets for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals often seek out smaller business as is often the case they have less protection in place than their larger counterparts. Yet to a criminal small to medium-sized business are just as valuable as a large corporation.

Here at SEBS, we offer many products and solutions to support and protect your IT infrastructure and business. Our engineers can audit your systems and highlight any possible openings that a cyberattack could utilise. We can review your network, check your accounts for historic breaches and monitor in case of future credential breaches. With all this in place, we can also conduct regular Penetration Tests to see if you have any additional vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity is not just about antivirus anymore! The key to protection is that end-users maintain safe behaviours and use security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication. SEBS also provides End-User training to keep your staff updated with the new ways cyber-attacks can sneak into organisations. Users who know of these tactics can better protect both themselves and your organisation.

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