Cyber Security Awareness Workshop Programme

Cyber Security Awareness Workshop Programme

With so much techno-babble being spoken, it is often difficult to understand what the so-called experts are talking about.  Much of this impenetrable language is made-up of acronyms. There are hundreds – here are some of the important ones

Cyber Acronyms


ACD                 Active Cyber Defence

ACL                  Active Control List

AD                    Active Directory

AIM                  Automated Information Management

API                   Application Programming Interfaces

APT                  Advanced Persistent Threat

BCP                  Business Continuity Plan

BGH                 Big Game Hunting

BOYD               Bring Your Own Device

CDP                  Continuous Data Protection

CESG                Communications Electronics Security Group (GCHQ)

CIA                   Confidentiality Integrity Availability

CIR                   Cyber Incident Response

CISM                Certified Information Security Manager

CISP                 Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership

COC                 Collaborative Operations Centre

CREST              Centre for Research and Evidence of Security Threats

CSIRT               Computer Security Incident Response Team

CSMA              Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

DLT                  Distributed Ledger Technology

DNS                 Domain Name Server

DOS                 Denial of Service

DPL                  Data Loss Prevention

DRaaS              Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRP                  Disaster Recovery Plan

DMARC            Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance

DKIM               Domain Keys Identified Mail

EDR                  Endpoint Detection Response

FTP                  File transfer Protocol

GDPR               General Data Protection Regulation

HTTPS              Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

IAAS                 Infrastructure as a Service

IAM                 Identity Access Management

IDS                   Intrusion Detection System

IP                     Internet Protocol

IRP                   Incident Response Plan

ITDMs              I T Decision Makers

MDR                Managed Detection Response

MFA                 Multi-factor Authentication

MSSP               Managed Security Service Provider

NAC                 Network Access Control

NAS                  Network Attached Storage

NCSC                National Cyber Security Centre

NDMP              Network Data Management Protocol

NGFW              Next Generation Firewall

NGFW              Next Generation Firewall

OMI                 Open Management Infrastructure

OSDP               Open Supervised Device Protocol

PAM                Privileged Account Management

PAP                  Password Authentication Protocol

PCI DSS            Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PII                    Personally Identifiable Information

PIM                  Privileged Identity Management

POLP                Principle of Least Privilege

POPS                Points of Presence

RAAS                Ransomware as a Service

RAT                  Remote Access Trojan

RCE                  Remote Code Execution

RDP                 Remote Desktop Protocol

RTD                 Relevant Threat Deltas

SAN                  Storage Area Network

SAR                  Suspicious Activity Report

SASE                Secure Access Service Edge

SDN                 Software Defined Network

SDP                  Software Defined Perimeter

SIEM                System Information & Event Management

SMB                 Service Message Block

SOAR               Security Orchestration Automation and Response

SOC                 Security Operations Centre

SPF                  Sender Policy Framework

SSID                 Service Set Identifier

SSL                   Secure Socket Layer

SSO                  Single Sign-on

SSOT                Single Sources of Truth

SWG                Secure Web Gateways

TCR                  Threat Category Risk

TDR                  Threat Detection Response

TLS                   Transport Layer Security

TPM                 Trusted Platform Module

TRI                   Threat Resistance Unit

TTP                  Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

UCAAS             Unified Communications As A Service

UTM                Unified Threat Management

VAP                  Very Attacked People

VOIP                Voice Over Internet Protocol

VPN                 Virtual Private Network

WAF                 Web Application Firewall

     (The details we have presented above may change, be updated or removed from time-to-time without our knowledge, so it is always wise to double check before acting on this information)