Cyber Security Awareness Training For Home Workers

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The single greatest threat to a company’s cybersecurity posture during lockdown is the overall lack of employee training.

e-learning is not only scalable and easily deployed to an entire organisation, it also produces better learning outcomes.

Studies have shown that employees take between 40% and 60% less time to learn the same material when following a course online, as compared to the time it would take them to learn it in a classroom setting.

With online programmes, employees are able to fit training sessions around their day and proceed at their own pace, without interrupting their workflow.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Chinese (Simplified) our byte sized courses (no longer than 10 minutes each) cover topics that include:
– Secure Passwords
– Security at Home
– Working Remotely
– Public WIFI
– Social Engineering
– Mobile Device Security
– Cloud Security
– Internet & Email Usage
– Safe browsing
– Phishing and email security
– Data privacy
– GDPR, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Slavery, PCI-DSS and much more

Through the delivery of an online Cyber Security Awareness program, you will help establish a culture of security.

Haywards Heath Business Association members can get a free 14-day trial from The Cloud Consultancy.

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