Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East

We have been asked to share the following with our members. The Cyber Resilience Centres is a new project commissioned by the Home Office to enable small medium businesses access to affordable cyber security services.  There are centres covering every region of the UK all offering the same services.  Membership is free of charge to small business owners, charities and our aims and objectives are to create an effective partnership between police, public, private industry, and academia, in order to grow and strengthen the UK’s resilience to online crime and cyber- attacks through the provision of expert advice, tailored memberships and cost-effective services.  There are many worthwhile free products that I have highlighted below, which will benefit small business.

  • The NCSC’s Early Warning service – NCSC.GOV.UK
    • Early Warning helps organisations investigate cyber attacks on their network by notifying them of malicious activity that has been detected in information feeds.
  • The NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence programme – NCSC.GOV.UK
    • The ACD programme seeks to reduce the harm from commodity cyber attacks by providing tools and services, free at the point of use, that protect against a range of cyber security threats.
  • Police Cyber Alarm
    • Helping organisations monitor and report the malicious activity they face from the internet
    • The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership is a joint industry and government initiative run by the NCSC.
    • It’s a good place for network defenders to find help and speak with like minded people
    • Do you have access to the NCSC CISP platform? If you don’t have access, I can sponsor you, please use my police email address as the sponsor
  • NCSC’s cyber security training for staff now available – NCSC.GOV.UK
    • Free cyber security training for staff
    • Have you setup your organisation for domain search protection with Have I been pwned
    • Another free service that’s worthwhile to keep you notified about any of your domain emails featuring in data breaches which would be a precursor for business email compromise (really important if 2fa is inactive) and phishing email campaigns
    • With regards to cyber essentials you can fix the low hanging fruit in the first instance with this assessment.  Its created by IASME who look after the Cyber Essentials framework.  It will give you an indication of your cyber security maturity with regards to CE.
    • Once accredited, yes there is an option of free cyber insurance, so does provide some return.  Additionally you can request that any companies you have a contract with, should also have achieved cyber essentials making your supply chain safer.

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