Create a Bigger and Better Web Presence

Create a Bigger and Better Web Presence

During the past 17 months or so firms have begun to take their presence online more seriously. The shift to digital media has opened eyes to how this can be done, including email marketing, social media and a firm’s corporate Website.  Pre coronavirus crisis some firms under-valued their Websites and are now beginning to ask how they can create a bigger and better Web presence for the business.

The continued use of SMS text, email, including email marketing, and social media to message and alert customers, existing and prospective, to new services, announcements, surveys and renewals has led some to re-imagine their Websites.


Firms are beginning to use their Websites to show-off a bigger and better online presence of themselves by adding digital e-books, videos, Podcasts and blending them together through email marketing to drive visitors to their sites with useful and relevant guidance and information.

The Bureau has seen how existing customers are beefing-up their Web presence with video, social media and slowly getting their heads around email marketing and how effective it is. Email marketing was the most used digital communication tool in 2020 with 3.9 billion daily users.

Some of our customers have come to us in the past year; some as new start-ups and others looking for a fresh design approach. Our longer established customers are taking a look-see at their sites and how we can help them create a bigger presence on the Web.

Firms are building their digital presence today in the form of social media, email marketing, and Web design. Each has learned over the past 17 or so months to be more confident about their digital credentials and how they too can create a bigger and better Web presence.

The Bureau is always eager to discuss new features and facilities for social media, email marketing and Website designs. If you have a particular feature or facility you want included on your social media messages, email marketing or Website, please get in-touch.

We have a lot of useful ideas to help with social media posts, email marketing e-bulletins and Website facilities like e-books, videos, and Podcasts to help you to create a bigger and better Web presence for your business.

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