Coursecheck mark another milestone with another cake

Civil Engineer Thamara Budal is enjoying an unexpected treat this week. She recently attended a training course with SQT Training Ltd and was invited to leave feedback on the course via the Coursecheck portal. Unknown to Thamara, her review became the 250,000th to be submitted, so the Coursecheck team sent her a cake to say thank you.

Since 2015, Coursecheck has set out to become the evaluation system for anyone running training courses. The combination of tools it offers not only turns course feedback into meaningful insights to help deliver measurable business benefits, but it allows training providers to leverage those reviews for marketing purposes. Sending cake to mark key events, such as when a new customer signs up, has become a bit of a habit for the East Sussex-based company.

“It’s nice to be nice,” says Coursecheck CEO, Chris Wigglesworth “and who doesn’t like cake? We were delighted to reach such a significant number of reviews left, a sign of how popular Coursecheck is becoming, so it was a pleasure to share that with Thamara.”

SQT Training are based just outside Limerick in Ireland and offer bespoke training programmes to help business become leaner and more compliant. For example, they trained some of the very first ISO Lead Auditors and coached the earliest adopters of Lean Six Sigma.

No doubt the benefits of Thamara’s training will last even longer than the cake does!