Coronavirus Scams – HMRC

I hope you remain well and are adjusting to a new way of working.

We’re seeing many businesses being very innovative, where they can, keeping their businesses going until restrictions are eased.

Unfortunately, other people have seen the situation as an opportunity to increase their scamming activity:

Coronavirus Scams – HMRC

With the employee furlough portal now open and another due for the self employed, alongside many other changes, scammers have seen new opportunities.

Please therefore take extra care when being contacted by anyone who claims to be HMRC.

This is an extract from HMRC’s website, amended for ease of reference, to help you identify and report scams:

You’ll never get an email, text message or phone call from HMRC which:

  • tells you about a tax rebate or penalty
  • asks for your personal or payment information

Check HMRC’s guidance with screenshot examples to help you spot the scams:

Reporting suspicious emails, texts or phone calls:

You can report anything suspicious to HMRC’s phishing team at:  

If you receive:

  • a text message you could forward it to 60599: you’ll be charged at your network rate
  • a phone call asking for personal information or threatening a lawsuit, you can help HMRC’s investigations by providing:
  1. your phone number
  2. the caller’s phone number
  3. the time and date of the call
  4. a brief description of the call

Contact your accountant:

If you’re not sure, please contact your accountant who will know whether a refund or penalty is due.

Please also be on the look out for scams in other financial areas such as pensions and investments.

Thank you and keep well.

Paula Tomlinson BFP FCA CTA

Founder and Director

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