Complimentary corporate events planning guide

Over the festive period I had some time to reflect about how the playing field for organising corporate events looks different now compared to 2019, when I first issued the ‘Five Tips for Corporate Event Planning Success Guide’. From venue specifications to government guidelines, there are new things to take into consideration if you are looking to plan and deliver a successful event. With this in mind, I have updated the guide and you can download your free copy here

I also thought about my journey since the Covid outbreak, which inspired my latest blog – You are doing far better than you realise – read it here.

Complimentary Half-day Consultation

Are you thinking about organising a corporate event, gathering, launch or announcement?

I am giving away a half-day consultation (4 hours) to the first person that requests it as a result of reading this (for new projects).

You are doing far better than you realise

In the light of all we are still experiencing in our working life, I thought it would be a great reminder to you, to tell you that you are doing far better than you realise and we are all superheroes fighting for justice in our own worlds!

Read the blog post

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