Community magazine celebrates 100 issues

Editor and company director David Tingley celebrated with his team this week as one of its community magazine titles celebrated a key milestone.

Cuckfield Life, which is delivered free to all homes and businesses in the Cuckfield and Bolnore village areas, started back in 2012 as the second in the company’s family of magazines – but this month sees the 100th issue distributed.

David admits: “In all honesty, Cuckfield Life was a bit of a test-case for me. I wanted to know whether we could replicate the format which we’d enjoyed success in launching, in nearby Lindfield three years prior.”

But whilst the publication format was the same, crucially the content was not shared between the titles – as Kipper Life magazines pride themselves on genuinely local content for the area of distribution. “They say content is king, and that’s certainly true for us, and always has been,” David explained. “We make our magazines matter to the immediate locality of those who get it through their letterboxes. This means our readers have always got something meaningful to read about, and it’s why our magazines hang around on coffee tables of our readers for the month.”

If you’d like to know more about advertising your business locally, to it’s regular delivery of over 2,500 homes in the Cuckfield area – get in touch with Emily Billson on 01444 715345, email or make contact via the website.