Coast to Capital LEP Business Plan

We are delighted to share our Business Plan 2021-22 with you. 

Along with other LEPs across England, Coast to Capital has a crucial role to play in helping to support economic recovery and new business realities. As a region which has always made a significant net contribution to national prosperity, Coast to Capital has a lot to offer.

04 Business Plan Launch – Our structure

Coast to Capital business plan 2021 – FINAL

In our new business plan, we have refocused the role of our LEP to add value to regional recovery and growth. This includes building even stronger relationships with our key businesses and sectors. We will be concentrating on the most important opportunities to sustainably grow our business base, attracting investment, developing skills and generating jobs.

We are also working with partners to collaborate on the delivery of new priority projects for the region: bringing our unique added value to help convene the public, private, third and education sectors on issues which will transform the region. There is significant demand from partners for our support in developing these Regional Projects, and it will form a major part of our work.

This represents the most significant change in our business since we were founded in 2010. As an ambitious organisation, Coast to Capital aims to pioneer what an effective LEP looks like to support our local authorities, businesses and voluntary & community sector in delivering their wider priorities.

Our approach marks the beginnings of a departure from our publicly funded business model. We aim to achieve this through the development of effective regional and local project delivery functions, and deepening relationships with businesses in the region. This will diversify our income in a way which reflects our values.

We are evolving into an organisation which can cost and charge for the services that it provides, working with customers across the public and private sectors. We will be developing this commercial model further over the course of the year, taking close account of the findings of the LEP Review.

More details of our restructure can be found in the attached document. If you are unsure of who you need to contact for ongoing partnership work, please email  so that we can help direct you to the best person. 

We are committed to harnessing this new responsibility and position of influence by providing leadership to the regional economy in the year ahead. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Kind Regards

Julie Kapsalis

Chair, Coast to Capital