Choose Ai In The Workplace For A Meteoric Boost In Company Productivity

The workplace has changed beyond recognition in the last two years or so, with accelerated changes noted in 2020. Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, sadly, Covid-19 have been major drivers of change and have made us, employees and employers alike, question the status quo and reinvent ourselves in relation to work.

According to Bobbe Baggio and Nov Omana, Consultant in learning technologies and HR guru respectively, in an enlightening piece published in the Workforce Solutions Review, Apr – Jun 2019, AI has been on the horizon for decades. Philosophers, novelists, and screenwriters have all imagined responsive devices capable of communication with humans. Robots are now delivering meals, playing music and turning lights on and off. They are even helping to drive cars. Overall AI can be described as the process of machines doing work that would require human intelligence. The small business owner can adopt AI at work by choosing the automation of some processes: this simplifies things and is cost-effective in the long run, once the initial set-up costs are met.

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