Chair’s Update for 2018

Dear HHBA Community,

Welcome to our final newsletter of 2018!

Depending what sector your business is in, it can mean either a hectic month or a quiet month. The HHBA has gone for a quiet month with just one event – our Christmas meeting at Cote Brasserie. If you are missing the HHBA in the meantime, then get 15th January 6 p.m. in your diary for our regular networking event again at Cote Brasserie which is sponsored by Smart Monkey.

In November the HHBA held its first meeting at Warden Park Academy. This was brilliantly supported by our members with a record number booked to attend and then a record number who actually came to the event. The event was also supported by the Town Mayor Jim Knight and Dom Kendrick the School Head was delighted to have such an amazing response from the local businesses.

I would like to warmly welcome two new companies to the HHBA this month and these are: –


Sussex and Surrey Solar Ltd

We look forward to meeting you at the next event and finding out more about your businesses.

For my final wrap up for this year I have to thank the HHBA Committee. I’ve received some amazing support in achieving the goals that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year. Every single committee member has been dedicated and hardworking in really contributing to the welfare and support of the local businesses. Thank you so much for everything that you have done and your continued support into 2019.

My next thank you has to go to the unsung hero that is Sue Llewellyn the HHBA Business Manager. For most people she is the first point of contact if not the most useful point of contact to all members and potential members. She is the rock of the HHBA and without her the HHBA would not exist. Thank you Sue for helping me get off the ground as the new chair and helping us take the HHBA in a new and exciting time in 2019.

My last thank you (and I promise that it will be) is to our members for supporting all the events that have taken place in 2018. As an association we have changed and adapted to support what the local business needs are. Please continue to share with us your issues, feedback and comments so we continue to serve our members in the best way we can.

Enjoy the festive season which is about to be turned up a dial to full Christmas power! Enjoy that your business is thriving because of a busy Christmas or maybe the wind down because of a quiet Christmas!

We look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

Kind regards

Clare Jones

HHBA Chair

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