Chair Update September 2023

Dear HHBA Community,

Apologies for such a newsletter silence. Being completely honest, its Sue our business manager that prods to remind me to write, otherwise they wouldn’t get written! I think this is because I have a fear that no one really want to read what I have to say. Anyway, it’s been long enough that I feel I have some things that may be of interest.

Firstly, I have to say how incredibly grateful I am to that this community. Attending meetings is always such a joy as I walk into a room and feel such a sense of warmth of support, I hope that you feel this too when you attend our meetings.

I often think what makes us different here at the HHBA and it has to be our members and your ongoing collaborative support.

A great example of this is when Sue and I met to discuss next years programme of events. We went through the responses of help to speak, host and sponsor and it was overwhelming. We do hope you know how much we appreciate your help and hope that the HHBA remains a great platform to demonstrate your expertise, your premises or just simply your generosity.

Sue and I are very excited to reveal our plans for next year, once they are finalised. In the meantime, please do pop over to our website and get all the dates in your diary for the rest of the year.

I genuinely can’t wait to see you at our next event.

Kind regards

Clare Jones

Bright Light Film & Chair of HHBA

N.B. Please note that these are all my own words and the use of Chat GPT was not necessary.