Chair Update December 2022

Dear Wonderful HHBA Community!

Looking back, we’ve had an amazing year at the HHBA that I’m very proud of.

Sue and I have come away from every meeting saying “Well that was a great meeting!” We hope you share our sentiment. We are always very grateful of how much support we receive from you and how many people come to every meeting. We often have to run a waiting list! Please keep us on our toes for 2023.

It’s been great building relationships with long term and new members over the last 12 months through our meetings and I really feel that we have built a very close business community that we can all rely upon. And it is because of the strength of this community that I feel that we will be in a strong place coming into the new year. So lets stick together.

The HHBA committee always tries to use our members for venues and our members to speak, in order to help give them a platform to show how brilliant that they are. So, if you know of any business’s that would benefit from this platform, then please bring them along to the next meeting.

With this as my last newsletter of the year, all I need to do is wish you a happy Christmas and New Year. Myself and the rest of the committee are really looking froward to seeing you at the next meeting in January.

Thank you once again for your support and take care,

Kind regards

Clare Jones

HHBA Chair

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