Chair Update December 2020 – Appreciation for What We Have!

Dear HHBA Community,

Without filling this article with every analogy of 2020, I’ll start by saying what a roller coaster!

I’m confident that the end is in site, so much so, Sue and I have had conversations about returning to physical meetings – at some point. Not exactly sure of that point, but we have this in mind. We will be looking to source your views in a survey in the New Year so watch out for that.

I have many thanks you’s, probably more than normal as we’ve been so incredibly well supported over the past year.

Firstly, I have to thank you, our members for remaining with us. Because of your loyalty, we have been able to gather and present as much relevant information about grants, loans, people to contact to help support your business through this turbulent year. Which leads me nicely to my next thank you and that is Kevin Stewart of the MSDC. He has worked tirelessly to ensure all Mid Sussex Business’s get the money that they have been entitled to. For him, this was never just a job, but a mission. As business’s in the district, we are very fortunate to have had someone like Kevin in that role. And I truly believe that as a result of this, we will be in a better place as a local economy.

Thank you to the HHBA Committee for again steering the ship through our stormy waters. Every person on the committee has had the same passion for helping our business community. I don’t have other areas to compare this to, but again I know we are very fortunate to have this number of dedicated people giving up their time and skill sets to help the wider community.

My last thank you for this final newsletter of this year, is for Sue. I cannot tell you how much goes on behind the scenes. At the peak of lockdown, Sue was like a strategic machine, reading and distributing information. Liaising and calling members and keeping the association afloat. Sue has such a wealth of knowledge of what does and doesn’t work within the HHBA. And what I particular love is her mindset to constantly make this the best business association it can possibly be and for that we are very fortunate. Thank you Sue.

And from this, my learning is that we have so much. We have this amazing business community that we are all a part of and when things got difficult, we all came together to support one another. Going in to 2021 I really appreciate what we do have.

I very much wish you a peaceful Christmas and I have a sense of excitement about what next year will bring for the HHBA. I’m looking  forward to the journey.

Kind regards
Clare Jones
HHBA Chair
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