Celebrating 3 Years of Cybility

Running a small business is like navigating a daily obstacle course, and we get it – your budget is tight. However, skimping on cybersecurity can lead to a game-over situation. In 2023, 50% of UK  businesses faced cyber incidents (source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2024, DCMS, UK Government).

Sure, you might have an IT provider with technical defences in place, but when 74% of security incidents stem from the human factor, you need to prioritise awareness about cybersecurity best practices, ensuring you and your team are equipped to identify and address potential threats effectively.

This is why Cybility Consulting was created exactly 3 years ago: to empower leaders like you to increase the resilience of their organisations against information and cybersecurity threats.

Here’s a quick highlight reel:

  • We’ve shown people that cybersecurity training doesn’t have to be boring
  • We’ve helped leaders to orchestrate their teams against cyber threats
  • We’ve continued to inspire the next generation
  • We’ve continued to invest in our people

We want to give a huge shout-out to everyone who made this journey possible:

  • Our mentors, friends, families, for cheering us on in hard times
  • Our incredible clients, for trusting us with their organisations
  • Our partners and suppliers, for their invaluable support
  • Our studious mentees, for trusting us with their careers
  • Our amazing team, for their hard work and creativity

Thank you all for being part of our story.

Let’s start a crescendo as we dance into our fourth year!

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