Call out for Local Business to get involved with Business courses at the newly opened Haywards Heath College

The new Haywards Heath College (part of the Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ Chichester College Group)  opens on 14th September and will be offering A Level Business and Cambridge Technical (CAMTEC) in Business (a more vocational business course).  We would love to get local business involved with our course through one of two ways.

Firstly, we would love local business owners to come in or video call in to speak to the students, give a brief talk through their business and take questions.

Secondly, we are looking for local business to support our CAMTEC students by being a case study for their coursework.  This would be done, again, by coming in to speak or video calling in to smaller groups and also providing marketing/communication materials used for the business.    Ideally these businesses might be open to the point where students could ‘experience’ them as a customer (a shop/leisure pursuit/entertainment etc).

If either or both of these sounds interesting to you and you are keen to support local young people at this exciting new college then please do get in contact with CAMTEC Business Course Leader Billy Barrington – .