Bespoke Social Media for Business Courses For All Abilities!

Feel like your social strategy is leaving something to be desired? Perhaps your profiles haven’t been updated in a number of months and you don’t think you have the time to keep posting! Well Pure Storm are currently running a number of Business Social Media courses for local businesses that will solve all those pesky social media issues. Our half-day course is designed to support you and your businesses development online, and is tailored to suit your goals.

Within the session we cover the following as standard, but is tweaked to best suit your current ability and requirements:

  • The fundamentals of social media
  • Looking at your current provisions
  • Content workshop and structuring a plan
  • Next steps & advanced features of business social

To find out more fill out the Surveymonkey form below, or call on 07565 923925. Similarly please send an email to

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