“Back to School” Coaching Offer

As I write this its September 1st and children and teenagers up and down England will soon be back to school – my eldest has started today.

Although it’s well over 25 years since I left school, I still love September. I find it the best time to set intentions or “resolutions”, knowing that you can get something achieved by Christmas. The cold, dank days of January 1st never seem to be a good time to start anything – the late summer sun of early September is much more productive.

With the boys being back at school I can also really get my head down and focus on things.

How about you?

If “back to school” now gives you more time to focus on your career, what is niggling at the back of your mind? Is it securing the next promotion? Are you looking to move elsewhere? Or do you just not know?

If you’re feeling stuck in your career for whatever reason, then you may be interested in my “Back to School” coaching offer.  If you start a coaching programme with me in September then you can get three one-hour online coaching sessions at a discounted rate of £550 or six for £1,000.

By working with me in short focused sessions, you will feel more empowered to take charge and be intentional about your career and ultimately be more fulfilled, confident and happier at work. Through responding to insightful questions, with space to reflect and talk without judgement and some gentle challenge as to what’s really going on, you will explore what makes you tick and find solutions to some of your career challenges.

You just need a willingness to learn and be open and an ability to commit time for the sessions and a little “homework” in between.

If this sounds like you then please email me at for a more detailed conversation to see if its right for you. If it sounds like someone you know then please pass the offer on!