Are you looking for support for your business over Brexit?

As Brexit fills the press and is high on the mind of small businesses, we are very aware that many of you will be concerned about the impacts of this for your small business.

You have told us you have a lot of questions and are unsure where to get answers and advice.  With the 29th March just around the corner, and no definite plan of action, helping small businesses feel confident and supported over this period is a big priority for us and for many small business organisations. The good news is that lots of help is available! So we will be focusing over the coming weeks on sharing that with you and pointing you in the direction of some great advice.

One great place to start is the Enterprise Nation Brexit Advice Service. There is a planning tool, lots of events to go to and ask questions and a network of fantastic advisors to help you out.

Also check out the FSB Brexit Hub. This is regularly updated with relevant advice and guidance and helps you think through issues facing your business, whether they will be impacted by Brexit or not.

Another great place to look for support for all your business needs is your local business school. The Small Business Charter is a fantastic network of Award winning institutions that have exceptional provisions for supporting small businesses. Why not take this opportunity to get your business into the best place possible?

The Small Business Saturday social media and website will be sharing lots of helpful support and advice in the coming weeks to support you through this period. With this in mind we invite your questions about Brexit and how it might affect your small business. Please send your questions here. We will update you with answers and advice on social media.

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