Application portal is now open for the Micro Business Grant Scheme 2019/20

I am pleased to inform you that the application portal is now open for the Micro Business Grant Scheme 2019/20. Please see the guidance notes below for applicants.

Businesses can apply to the scheme through the following link:

What are Micro Business Grants?

The Microbusiness Grant Scheme supports small businesses with fewer than 10 employees by providing grants to support projects which will result in sustainable business growth.

Accompanying grants for projects, businesses can apply for additional funding to support the costs of recruiting an apprentice.

Are you eligible?

  • Only businesses with fewer than 10 employees, and located in the district, are eligible
  • Businesses must be properly constituted and able to provide evidence of this (such as accounts, VAT registration number (if applicable), copy of Companies House documentation, evidence of registration as a sole trader)
  • Projects must be activities that will contribute towards the growth of the business and not to cover the costs of “business as usual
  • Only one application can be made per business
  • Any changes in the scope of a project must be discussed with officers. If changes are large-scale, a new application form and assessment may be required.
  • The scheme may not be used to fund existing projects that are already underway. The Council will only consider funding for projects starting after the grant application has been made.
  • A due diligence review will be undertaken for each business making an application.
  • Applicants who were successful in their bid for last year’s scheme are welcome to apply for a grant this year; however your bid must be for a new and different project.

Note: Registered charities are unable to apply for this grant, please visit our Corporate Grants page for information of grants available for you

What you could be awarded?

Your business could receive up to £2,000 for projects as long as you can demonstrate how the grant will benefit your business.

This includes:

  • hiring more employees
  • building new business lines
  • developing a wider outreach or
  • Increasing community benefit

We strongly support sustainable employment and the hiring of an apprentice. If an apprentice is taken on, then up to £1,500 is available in funding.

What happens after you apply?

A summary of the step by step process after you apply is as follows:

  1. Applications are received; supporting evidence is requested and reviewed internally
  2. An Officer from MSDC will undertake a due diligence review of your business to understand more about your project.
  3. Applications are taken to the Cabinet Grants Panel for a decision on funding.

Applicants are informed within one week of the Cabinets Grant Panel of the decision on their application.

For further information please contact:

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