Adelphi Masterfil Shortlisted for Innovation Award at Made in the South East 2023

Adelphi Masterfil: Pioneering Innovation with the Robotic Arm Filler

In a world where innovation is the driving force behind progress, at Adelphi Masterfil we are proud to consistently develop new technologies in line with the needs of our customers. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing excellence has earned us a spot as finalists in the prestigious Made in the South East Awards 2023, specifically in the Innovation category. This accolade recognizes Adelphi Masterfil’s achievement in developing our cutting-edge Intelligent Robotic Arm Filler.

A Glimpse into Adelphi Masterfil’s Innovative Spirit

Adelphi Masterfil is a renowned leader in the manufacturing and packaging industry, and we consistently demonstrate a keen focus on innovation and excellence. Our products are all designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in liquid filling and capping processes.

The Intelligent Robotic Arm Filler is a testament to our commitment to embracing the latest advancements in robotics and automation. Incorporating ABB robotics was a collaborative approach, to reduce the risks associated with innovation, as multiple parties share knowledge, technology, and market insights. Focusing on operator safety, error-free filling, and affordable automation to support production; the Intelligent Robot Filler from Adelphi Masterfil was designed to de-cap, pin-point location, precision fill, and then re-cap containers as an automation. The system comprises a robotic arm, a vision system to locate the centre of the vessel opening, a weighing scale for accurate spill-free filling, a servo-controlled diving filling lance, and a pallet handling conveyor. It is a state-of-the-art system which can process pails, drums, and IBCs with precision and ease.

The concept originated from an incubator session with our in-house R&D Team, who identified a growing need in the market – and from our customers globally – to automate certain repetitive functions, and to create a safer working environment for operators. Designed with working with hazardous materials in mind, or for use in situations where human input presents an elevated risk to the operator, the Adelphi Masterfil team focused on making this a problem-solving automation solution for customers in the chemical, cleaning, lubricant, and food and beverage industries.

The ambition was to keep its price point accessible to all sizes of business; to enable automation to be an option for the many, not just the few.

The Benefits

The key benefits of this technology are operator safety, less wastage, and an ability to continue through shifts without needing to stop; reducing costly production downtime.

  1. Operator Safety
    – Designed for no contact with the vessel neck; the ABB robot, fitted with a SERVO actuated camera vision system, is programmed to seek the container opening centre point efficiently and consistently. This removes the opportunity for operator contact with the hazardous materials being filled.
  2. Less Waste
    – The technology of the camera for accuracy is combined with a weigh scale to avoid overfill, removing the potential for operator error when filling.
    – The nozzle has a dive distance of up to 1m, so that it can fill under the level of the liquid to prevent foaming and over-spilling.
  3. Reduced Downtime; Increased Profitability for our Customers
    – The Intelligent Robot Filler automates previously manual processes, meaning that our customers’ colleagues are free to be upskilled and contribute to improving production efficiency elsewhere.
  4. Remote Support
    – The camera and robot are also set up to enable remote access for reprogramming as needed and are interfaced with Adelphi technology team for remote personalised support.

Adelphi Masterfil’s Vision for the Future

Being shortlisted for the Made in the South East Awards 2023 in the Innovation category is a testament to Adelphi Masterfil’s vision for the future of manufacturing. Their dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions like the Robotic Arm Filler not only showcases their technical prowess but also highlights their commitment to sustainability. By minimizing waste, improving efficiency, and promoting resource conservation, Adelphi Masterfil is actively contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing landscape.

As the awards ceremony approaches, the industry eagerly anticipates the results, recognizing the significant impact Adelphi Masterfil’s innovations have made. Regardless of the outcome, their pioneering spirit and dedication to innovation will undoubtedly continue to drive them forward, shaping the future of manufacturing and setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.