Achieve more in the “pure” Cloud!

Cloud or Server? When it comes to making long-term decisions about your IT, especially when a significant investment is involved, it can be challenging to make the jump to a new system. That’s even more evident if your business has been promised the world in the past…and it hasn’t been delivered.

A move to the cloud hasn’t got to be scary. At Extech Cloud, we can ensure you have the systems in place that you need, when you need them. We don’t just set your systems up and leave you to battle through. Our cloud transformation methodology is different. Here our Project Manager Ian Bryant explains how the company enables organisations and people achieve more by engineering a flexible community.

Q: What are the first steps to Cloud transformation?

A move to the cloud can seem daunting, however, with our help, it doesn’t have to be”.

Before any talk of the cloud begins, we need to understand how a business interacts with its systems. When you speak to Extech Cloud about a move to the cloud, the first step is for our team to get to know you and your business, along with how your current systems work, what you need from them and how you’d ideally like your systems to work.

A discussion with our IT experts doesn’t purely focus on your systems. The team aims to ensure you can ‘work smart’ too, and get the most out of your time, especially when it’s at a premium! Through either an in-person or remote session, systems specialists can watch the way you carry out simple IT tasks and will often find that things can be done quicker, ultimately saving you and your business time and money.

Q: How to leverage Cloud benefits?

Migrating your existing systems and configurations into the cloud provides minimal benefit, effectively all you would have achieved is changing the location for hosting the services. However, if you commit to cloud transition, where services are integrated within the cloud, you will enable your business to utilise all capabilities that are available for them and reap the benefits. This means all applications in the cloud, even the ones that others say can’t be in the cloud.

Q: What if my business needs change?

You can thrive throughout your business’ peaks with the Cloud

Especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses found that they were busier than ever before. The legal sector was kept busy with house purchases, due to people wanting a change as they had spent a significant amount of time staring at the same walls, as well as the lack of a stamp-duty charge. Accountants were kept busy by balancing books and ensuring that businesses could succeed throughout a period of uncertainty.

This doesn’t look set to change any time soon, so moving to the cloud will help you best meet your business’ service level.  Busier than ever? You can ramp up your service level. On the other hand, having a quiet period? Turn things down for a bit. The cloud helps you to meet your level of demands and importantly, you pay for only what you need, when you need it.

Q: Will we have to allocate time (and knowledge) to manage our cloud solution?

When you’re busy, you don’t need to be spending time on IT issues or worrying about IT costs. We find that the majority of businesses need specific IT knowledge of varying types at particular times, not the whole range of know-how all the time. And many don’t need as many IT staff as they think! That’s why at Extech Cloud, we can handle everything. We can take your worries away by managing your IT for you, meaning you can forget about it and feel assured that it is being fully looked after.

In fact, we are the first to provide IT as a “business utility”. As a Project Manager, that is where our role at Extech Cloud comes into play. We are on-hand throughout the entirety of a cloud transformation for clients to ensure that it is a smooth transition, and they have a point of contact.

We get involved from point of sale and translate the design to detailed plan ensuring all parties (including software vendors) are involved and then execute upon what is agreed through to system go-live. Our approach is staged through defined phases, Discovery, Design & Plan, Build, Test and Transition to live. We avoid a “Big Bang approach” by testing and validating at each stage to reduce the impact of switchover to the cloud on your business.

Q: Is cloud transformation a quick process?

You hear all too often from other businesses about them being promised a system by a certain date and this does not materialise.

At Extech Cloud, the Project Manager works with the entire team towards an achievable project end date, we track risks and issues and deal with as they arise, managing the process of delivery and involving the right people so there are no nasty surprises. You won’t be promised something that’s not achievable, as when it comes to the cloud and a new way of working, you’re investing in a working system for the future, not just for the short term.

The Extech Cloud difference is that with Project Management any project, however big or small, is actively managed, with you and your business in mind at all times.

IT shouldn’t be complicated – we’re here to help

Extech Cloud has spent years refining the process of cloud transformation for businesses just like yours and our team of experts can help you start your journey to the Modern Workplace straightaway.

Our purpose is to engineer a flexible community and enable organisations and people achieve more.

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