ABCOM IT Solutions Support Apprenticeship Schemes

Apprentices – You’re Hired!

ABCOM joins Open4Business Expo 2019

ABCOM were delighted to have attended this years event.

As a Sussex based business providing IT services we are keen to support apprenticeship schemes to help  build skills and gain work experience. We’re already in our sixth year of offering these successful programmes to young people. In  fact a lot of our work is about supporting local community initiatives, schemes, groups and charities.

We fully endorse apprenticeship schemes and have always opened our doors to people who want an opportunity to learn new skills and work within a business.

If you are interested in finding out about what we can offer you with our scheme, please email

To read more about our IT services please visit

Welcome back to our apprentices Theo and Max

After spending some time with us earlier this year these great chaps are returning to join us for another internship programme. We’re delighted and look forward to working with them both again very soon.

We fully support apprenticeship schemes as these are vital for young people to gain essential skills and work experience. These schemes help businesses and are cost-effective as a form of training, because young people are contributing to the workplace while they learn.

We’ve in our sixth year of hiring apprenticeships so if you’re interested to learn more about our work or want to get in touch please visit or email

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