A Toast to Us: Celebrating the Best Event Planner in Brighton 2024 Award!

Hey there, fabulous party people!
Grab your confetti cannons and dust off those dancing shoes because we’ve got some incredible news to share! Yours truly, Claire Catliff, the creative force behind Love Luxury Events, is over the moon to announce that we’ve snagged the coveted title of Best Event Planner in Brighton at the 2024 Quality Business Awards!

Picture this: me, Claire, with my clipboard in one hand and a beaming smile that could outshine even the most dazzling disco ball, receiving this amazing news earlier this month. With a passion for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and a flair for adding that extra sprinkle of magic to every occasion, it’s no wonder we’re taking home the gold. Hell yes, it’s time to bang my own drum!

Now, let’s chat about the events.
Oh, the events! From the corporate business to business expos to mini festivals in a stunning garden we have been busy weaving dreams into reality for the past eight years. With amazing clients who entrust us with their most cherished moments, we’ve had the pleasure of creating unique experiences that are truly memorable.

And let’s not forget about our signature professional style. Who says business conferences must be snooze-fests? Not us! We’re all about shaking things up, blending the best ideas, and leaving attendees inspired, informed, and itching for more.

The Winning Swan Effect
Now, about that swan effect. You know, the way a swan glides gracefully across the water while paddling furiously beneath the surface? Well, that’s us in a nutshell. While we may make event planning look effortless, behind the scenes, we’re paddling like crazy to ensure every detail is perfect.

And the excitement of being recognised! It’s like winning the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Being seen, appreciated, and celebrated for our hard work and dedication is an absolute thrill. It’s not just about the award; it’s about the validation that comes with it—the nod of approval from our peers, the pat on the back from our clients, and the knowing smiles from our team. It’s a feeling like no other, and we’re savouring every moment of it.

Let’s Raise a Glass
So, here’s to us, to our team, to our amazing clients, and to all the unforgettable moments we’ve created together. Thank you for believing in us, for trusting us to make your dreams come true, and for being a part of this wild and wonderful journey.

Here’s to many more adventures to come!

With love and confetti,
Claire Catliff
Chief Dream Maker