A festive SEO success story…or is it?

Back in 2018 we wrote what became the most successful article on our own blog: 105 fun facts about Christmas to impress your friends.

Over two years more than 100,000 people read the article.

How did this happen? Well, we ticked a lot of Google’s boxes:

  • The title tag, url and heading all tell Google what the article is about.
  • It’s well written and pleasingly presented.
  • And, most importantly, lots of other websites have chosen to link back to it.

So, when people searched for fun facts about Christmas, Google knew this was a good article to show them.

Success story?

“Fantastic” we hear you say, “and how many new clients did you get as a result?”.

Well, probably none.

It’s going to be a pretty special coincidence if someone searching for fun Christmas facts also happens to be in need of our brand and marketing expertise.

But that doesn’t mean to say we didn’t gain anything from the article’s success.

Because the article has been so popular, Google obviously considers it to be an “authority” piece.

And a little bit of that authority will have rubbed off on the rest of our website, giving a boost to our Google ranking for searches which are relevant to brand strategy and web design. So, maybe, thanks to our Christmas article, someone did find us when searching for a new brand identity.


As they say, all good things come to an end.

This year our Christmas fun facts article is no longer scaling the dizzying heights of Google. We suspect that its algorithm has spotted the fact that the article is off-topic for the rest of our website and decided to demote it as a result.

Not everyone has caught on yet though – if you search bing.com for “fun Christmas facts” you’ll still find us on page one!

Struggling with SEO?

We get Google – even if some of our successes are a little more unexpected than others. If you want to harness our expertise to improve your website’s search engine visibility, then give us a call: https://www.tomango.co.uk