3 signs you need to rebrand

A rebrand is a big investment in time, energy and money. And it’s something that businesses often put off.

Getting the timing right for a rebrand is critical – and when it goes well you can reap the rewards of renewing your team’s motivation and becoming the brand your customers want.

We’ve found three common signs that the time is right for a rebrand:

  1. Your business has changed

Taking an honest and objective look at your business. How has it changed? Does your brand still reflect who you are today? Has your brand become a barrier to getting and keeping more of the customers you want?

  1. Your market has changed

Over time markets change and often become more crowded. Your brand’s messages can become lost or diluted. A rebrand is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and re-establish your business as leaders in your field.

  1. Your customers have changed

In our digital age it’s very easy for your customers to shop around and explore alternatives. A rebrand can remind existing customers of how great you are and introduce your products or services to new audiences.

When you focus on revitalising your brand, people notice. A strong rebrand can energise your team and win loyalty from your customers.

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