3 fool-proof ways to grow your business

We all want our businesses to be more profitable, more efficient and as future-proof as possible, so what are the secrets to ensuring that it is?

  1. Planning: developing a business plan will not only help you to pay attention to your operational and financial objectives, it will also help to clarify your ambitions and identify areas where you can become more efficient
  2. Money: a cash injection from investors and/or grant funds will enable you to invest in the tools, the tech and the staff that will help to increase your profits
  3. Coaching: whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned business owner, an expert business coach will not only help you to find solutions to your challenges, they’ll also help you to know your competitors and understand how to use market insights to ensure that in 5 years time your business is still thriving

Over the next month, our range of free workshop support covers all three of these areas – so grab your free tickets. Get Set For Growth and WSX Enterprise are running free intensive online programmes on both business planning and applying for business finance & funding. The management consultants & coaches from the Sussex Innovation Centre are running The Great Accelerator: a free intensive delivered across this coming Wednesday and Thursday at the Ardington Hotel, Worthing; it’s aimed at start-up founders who want to understand how to use market insights and business models to stress-test their business idea.

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