3 Days to Eliminate Anxiety and Stress – FREE workshop

3 Days to Eliminate Anxiety and Stress.
Free workshop from 22nd to 24th of September 2021

3 Days to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety and Move Towards Growth in Your True Feminine Energy

Calling all female professionals, academics, leaders and entrepreneurs. Register NOW to get this 3 Day live online workshop for FREE and eliminate stress and anxiety in 3 days.

During this 3 Day Workshop you will

Access your own internal remedy for stress and anxiety relief, anywhere, anytime?
Feel calm and grounded within minutes
Regulate your physiology/body using this proven technique
Support your immune system
Discover more about the effectiveness of EFT/Tapping as you feel the befits
Learn how this stress management technique is applied
Get clear on your path to growth and recovery
Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Join us today! This challenge is for you if you are:

✔ committed and serious about your self-growth

✔ committed to clearing the clutter (letting go of sabotaging beliefs)

✔ longing for a better, calmer, happier life for you and your loved ones

✔ curios about getting unstuck

✔ ready to unblock blocks

✔in the process off giving yourself the ultimate gift of self-love

✔ ambitious and don’t want anything to stop you from getting to your goals.

Who this challenge is not for:

❌ You are not willing to invest time – this challenge is only for the committed.
❌ You are sceptical about trying new approaches such as energy psychology.
​❌ You are a man! Sorry! this is specifically designed for females

What does the workshop look like?

You will get a workbook sent to you at the beginning of the challenge. Every day, you will get a video for about 20-30 minutes. You will have an action to follow to get results.

What’s covered each day

Day 1 – Biology of Stress and Anxiety (I will keep all the jargon out of this)

Day 2 – How to eliminate anxiety in 3 easy steps. You will feel reduction in minutes.

Day 3 – Create your Growth Blueprint (This will include tracing beliefs and changing them)

Reserve your place today.


Look forward to seeing you.

Lots of love x