£2.5m R&D Tax Claim Secured for Manufacturing Business: Could you be eligible?

The power of expert services sees one manufacturing business claim £2.5m with Access2Funding for their software innovation.

Not all UK SMEs are aware of R&D Tax Credits and the incredible boost to cashflow they can offer their business. However, those aware of the Government initiative to reward limited companies for innovation should look around for the best support available to them, just like IEST Ltd did.

The retail manufacturers knew they had a complex claim, that required highly experienced specialists. After consulting with another company that offers R&D Tax Relief services, they were unable to handle the complexity of the case due to the high level of cost and multiple development processes undertaken:

“We originally spoke with other R&D tax relief providers but felt something was missing. What really set Access2Funding apart was the time spent and dedication from Kath and the team.”

Working closely with the company, Access2Funding’s Research and Development team including FCCA member and in-house Chartered Accountant Access2Funding were able to secure a claim for the company worth a fantastic £2.5 million, one of the largest claims for an SME in the UK.

Director David Hazzard goes on to say:

“We have used the cash injection to further grow the business, and a substantial amount will be used to bring the manufacturing process to the UK, which currently operates in Hong Kong. We feel with innovation being rewarded from the UK Government, this is the best time to reinvest in manufacturing in the UK.”

“We are extremely pleased with the service Access2Funding provided, and look forward to working with them on our future innovations and R&D tax claims.”

Access2Funding are hugely proud to have been part of this exciting claim and return such a momentous amount to the client. We have a 100% success rate, for small and large, simple, and complex R&D Tax Claims.

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