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Putting local business at the heart of the Mid Sussex community by facilitating connections and friendships, fostering a vibrant, diverse and resilient local economy.


The HHBA is an alliance of local businesses at the heart of the Mid Sussex community. It exists to facilitate the growth of its members, identifying opportunities, answering questions, and solving problems through active communication and collaboration.



Highlight your business through the featured spot on our website homepage, with hundreds of visitors, it’s an excellent place to be found by actively engaged members of the local business community, resulting in more traffic for your brand and website.



Our networking meetings can help you forge relationships with fellow business owners and establish new contacts, thereby building those crucial ties between local businesses. They can provide an opportunity for you to promote your business to prospective customers.


This month’s featured member!

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Anger Positive - Coaching | Training | Consulting

I’m Mark Alder, an Anger Management coach and consultant with a deep personal understanding of the ‘elephant in the room’. Anger is a feeling just like every other feeling... but sometimes it goes rogue! When we act out our anger it becomes something entirely different.

When we go from Zero to Sixty in the blink of an eye, we miss the opportunity to discover why we’re triggered. Underneath anger are the real reasons we act as we do. Effective anger management helps us to respond with assertiveness, clarity and kindness, rather than react with aggression.

Anger is an essential feeling that keeps us safe and, when managed well, we experience the benefits of:

Personal empowerment - Enhanced self-esteem - More meaningful -relationships  Improved communication- Greater happiness

If anger affects your life or that of someone you know, explore it with me at Anger Positive. For a confidential deeper dive, please call 07780 977028 or click www.angerpositive.com

To find out more, please visit their HHBA directory listing.

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What Our Members Say...

  • “ I joined HHBA to meet new businesses and contacts in a relaxed environment. The HHBA has a diverse range of friendly members who I like to do business with. ”

    Paula Tomlinson - On The Spot Tax Limited

  • “ Since joining the HHBA a few years ago, I can only describe our experience as positive: HHBA are a proactive organisation and host several varied events throughout the year, suitable for all types of businesses including networking and social events. The former allow us to network with like-minded businesses and the latter are fun events which also serve as an excellent networking platform. This is apart from numerous training events. Membership has also helped to raise our profile in the region and through the various events given us access to clients and those that refer work. In short membership is a good investment and one we would recommend. ”

    Karim Mohamed - Mayo Wynne Baxter

  • “ I just wanted to drop you a brief line to say a huge thank you to you (and the committee) for all your hard work during 2020. Despite being a new member and never actually having met any of you in person, you’ve all made me feel welcome and part of the local business community. I am also a member of other organisations and I can honestly say what you’ve been doing, how you’ve been doing it, and the sheer quality of content, events, attendees and everything else, has been head and shoulders above the rest during this tough period. Really looking forward to sharing a glass of wine and a hug/cry/laugh about this year in person when we can meet up. ”

    James Mallinson - Servo Private Wealth

  • “ I’ve only attended a couple of HHBA events so far but have been struck by the energy of the group and how easy it’s been to meet people. You don’t need to be a ‘professional’ networker to get a lot out of it. ”

    Chris Wigglesworth - Coursecheck Ltd

  • “ I have been a member of HHBA for just over a year. It is a very proactive, enlightening and friendly group. The monthly evening networking events are just getting better and better. As a sole worker, it also creates the opportunity for me to get out and mix with local businesses face to face...rather than just being tied to the office! Thank you for that! ”

    Steve Finch - Travel Counsellor – Leisure Business

  • “ I have been a member of HHBA for some years now. As a small business owner it offers me networking, collaboration opportunities and a chance to learn from others be it formally through an Ask the Expert session or just chewing the fat with a fellow member over a glass of something. Definitely worth the membership fee. ”

    Jacqui Smith – Homesmiths

  • “ We have found membership of HHBA to be the best way to raise our profile in the local business community and get to know key contacts in the area, while in the process helping to build valuable long term relationships with a variety of different people. We enjoy attending the monthly gatherings which are always interesting and lead to some useful conversations, while we have also received some good feedback from posting news items about our firm in the weekly newsletter, as well as on occasion being one of its sponsors. ”

    Jonathan Lea – The Jonathan Lea Network | Business Solicitors

  • “ I have been a member of the HHBA for over a year now and have found it to be a great introduction to the Haywards Heath business community and a support to my new business. The team and all the members made me feel very welcome on joining and when I attended my first HHBA event lots of other members came over to introduce themselves and make me feel comfortable which was greatly appreciated when walking into a room where I knew absolutely no one! I’ve never seen anyone standing on their own at the events and the HHBA committee and the members have ensured that there is a very inclusive atmosphere. The weekly newsletter is the perfect size and format to find out what is going on with other members, business news and events in the local area and ensures that we are all kept “in the know”. HHBA’s business directory is a great resource when looking for local services and there is added reassurance of the testimonials on there from other members. 2020 calendar includes a number of panel discussions across a range of topics which is invaluable to business owners and a great opportunity to have a fresh look at the different areas of our business’ and ensure we are up to date on all the things we are ultimately responsible for, something which is always difficult to do when running the business day to day. In short: I believe the HHBA is a great organisation to join for business owners in the local area. There is a huge amount of support both in terms of networking and information to help you in running and growing your business. Highly recommended! ”

    Zoe Daines - Freshmill

  • “ I have been a member of HHBA for over 3 years now and it is one of the best business decisions I have made. During this time I have met some amazing people, been given the platform to promote my business by speaking at events and sponsoring the newsletter, and most of all I have got new clients.
    For the small yearly membership fee, the value is fantastic and it is by far the best return on investment I have received from any networking expense. Thanks so much, Sue, Clare, and all of the committee members that have helped me personally and professionally. I would encourage any business looking to grow its business and have the support of a great community to join HHBA without delay. ”

    Gary Morgan - Gary Morgan Coaching